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Branding for Law Firms

If you're not thinking of your law firm as a brand, neither are your ideal clients. That means you're missing out on a big opportunity.

Through NextLevel's proven branding strategies for law firms, we'll carefully cultivate the perfect image to reflect both your expertise in your area of law and the quality of service you strive to offer to every client.

Isn't it time client leads across the state recognized your name as synonymous with excellence?

Understanding Branding

Although television ads, billboards, and digital marketing strategies are popular among attorneys, too many law firms forget about branding.

Branding encompasses all of the tasks involved in creating a memorable and recognizable brand image for your law firm.

These tasks can include:

  • Designing a logo
  • Having new business cards, letterhead, brochures, envelopes, and other materials professionally printed
  • Fitting your new logo and brand identity into every part of your digital and offline marketing strategy to create a consistent image that community members will recognize instantly

While brands in other industries may want to paint themselves as being fun, innovative, or family-friendly, branding in the legal industry must meet a higher standard. You need every aspect of your business to fit into your professional, authoritative image - and we're just the agency you need to accomplish this lofty goal.

Why Choose NextLevel for Your Law Firm Branding

How do you even begin creating a brand that encompasses all that your law firm stands for? It's a question that plagues every attorney as they begin to contemplate the branding of their law firm.

There are effective and ineffective ways to attempt branding. While the ineffectual branding strategies that fail to produce results may have few direct costs, the indirect price - the business boost you're sacrificing by not using professional legal branding services - is high.

Law Firm Branding Isn't a DIY Project

Some attorneys make the mistake of trying to develop their own logos and branding. Unless you have excellent graphic design skills in addition to your legal expertise, it's unlikely that your hand-drawn or template-generated logo will impart the kind of professionalism your law firm requires.

Don't Mistake a Logo for Branding

Another popular but ill-advised option is to commission logo designs from semi-professional designers online. Although this process can be quick and inexpensive, all you walk away with is a run-of-the-mill image file - with a design that, let's face it, looks just like everyone else's - and the obligation to coordinate the printing of all of your different business materials yourself.

There's no follow-through, no support for rolling out your brand, and no larger strategy to tie your brand into your marketing efforts for meaningful results. At the end of the day, you've bought yourself a so-so logo - nothing more.

The NextLevel Difference

These disappointing alternatives won't give you the full set of professional branding services that our experienced legal marketing team can provide. If you're serious about building out your law firm brand as an in-demand authority in the legal industry, you need more.

When you choose NextLevel for your law firm branding needs, you get the benefit of our years of experience handling a full range of attorney marketing services. Our designers can give you that beautiful logo you've been longing for, but we'll base our creative ideas and suggestions off of well-researched strategies and give you the benefit of our marketing expertise and innovation every step of the way.

With NextLevel, you get better service and a better product; and that's just the beginning.

What really sets NextLevel apart is what happens after we work with you to create a unique logo for your law firm. We're here to assist you integrating your new logo into all of your printed materials - you don't have to do it on your own.

To really drive success, we'll pull that new brand image into every facet of your marketing plan. When we talk about branding, we're talking about consistent voice and reputation, not just a logo - and it's through the full array of marketing services we provide that you will really see that promise come true.

Law Firm Branding FAQs

Are Branding and Marketing the Same Thing?

Branding is one aspect of marketing, but just developing a new logo and doing some branding won't replace the gains you can make with a full-scale marketing campaign.

Are you looking at the prices for branding and marketing packages offered by the biggest marketing agencies in the legal industry and wondering which option to pick, because you only have the budget for one? Consider this: with big branding agencies, you're not paying for a better logo or a better branding service - you're simply paying for their higher overhead costs.

A large branding agency won't treat you as an individual and take the time to work one-on-one with you to pinpoint the perfect brand strategy for your law firm. You might get to choose from a couple of template-based logo options and pick and choose branding materials from their pre-determined list.

Our boutique legal marketing agency develops custom service packages and quotes based around your law firm's needs, not what's easiest for us. If you're considering any sort of branding or marketing campaign, it costs you nothing to speak with our legal marketing specialists and get a custom quote for the services that matter most to you.

How Does Branding Provide a Competitive Advantage?

You're an attorney, but you're also a consumer. Are there brands you love and brands you avoid? Do you think certain companies are overrated, while you can't understand why others are still hidden gems after all they've accomplished?

We all develop feelings and opinions about the brands that have found their way into public consciousness. Those opinions drive our behavior as consumers. The exact same thing happens to your potential clients when they start looking for a lawyer.

Put yourself in your client's shoes. If you need an attorney, are you more likely to choose a firm with a brand you recognize and trust, a firm you've never heard of, or a firm you have a negative impression of? Creating a brand - not just a logo, but a real brand - can help you develop that reputation and recognition that plants you in the mind of your future clients long before they actually start looking for a lawyer.

When Is Branding Important?

Branding can add value at just about any point in your law firm's story.

  • For a firm just starting out, developing your brand can help you show the community and prospective clients what you stand for.
  • If you've been in business for decades but never got around to branding, now is the time to solidify your reputation and make yourself known to a new generation of potential leads.
  • If you're starting to feel like your old logo or business materials are feeling stale, like they no longer represent who you are and what your law firm stands for, it's time to rebrand yourself and reinvigorate your image.

Over our years of experience in attorney branding, we've built brands for law firms of every age and at every stage. From name changes to image refreshes, NextLevel has done it all. We've got the knowledge you need to guide you through the process and truly make your law firm's brand the best it can be.