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Google Ads for Law Firms

Running digital marketing campaigns with Google Ads is the fastest way for attorneys to turn searchers into profit-generating clients. But in this competitive area of digital marketing, you need an expert to manage your campaign. Otherwise, you'll wind up wasting valuable advertising dollars on hit-or-miss strategies that won't work the way you want them to.

For the very best results, you need the best Google Ads company for lawyers - and that's us!

What Is Google Ads?

It's no surprise that Google is the number-one search engine your prospective clients turn to when looking for information about attorneys - or, for that matter, about anything. While it's not possible to pay Google to rank your site higher in the organic, or non-paid, search results, Google's AdWords program does the next best thing.

Google Ads for law firms involves creating campaigns around the search terms your ideal clients are looking for. With AdWords, you can show up as a sponsored advertisement at the top or bottom of the page of organic search results. Although Google designates these entries as advertisements, they appear very similar to the non-paid results. Searchers in a hurry might not even realize that what they're clicking on was a paid ad.

Often, attorneys get the best results by tailoring their AdWords strategies. We can identify the best search terms for your campaigns to target and make sure your ad funnels searchers to a landing page that will convince them to pick up the phone and call your firm to handle their case.

The Stakes of Attorney PPC Advertising

Google Ads is a form of pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising. That means every single time a searcher clicks on your ad, you get charged. For the most competitive search terms - many of which, like lawyer and attorney are in the legal industry - every click can cost up to $50.

At up to $50 per click, the costs add up quickly. If you're not making the best possible choices about the terms you target, your ad settings, and what you show the searchers who click on your ad, then you might as well throw that money out the window. You could quickly blow through your entire budget without gaining a single case.

It's more common than you would think. We've seen countless attorneys consider giving up on Google Ads and PPC advertising because they never saw results. What they didn't realize was that the people handling their Google Ads campaign had the power to make or break their success.

Get More Leads - and Better Leads - With NextLevel's Google Ads Management

You care about quantity of leads, but you also care about quality.

If the leads coming in through an existing AdWords campaign are just not profitable, it's easy to assume that clients with real, valuable cases just don't use Internet searches or just don't click on ads. Yet neither theory could be farther from the truth.

Your perfect clients, the ones with the cases you most want to handle, are out there - and they need you. They just need to find you first.

How does NextLevel's PPC management for attorneys get you more and better leads than other agencies?

Extensive Experience Handling Law Firm Advertising

Firstly, we work exclusively with law firms. Unlike generalist PPC management agencies, we're specialists in the legal marketing arena.

We handle Google Ads for law firms day in and day out - so we know the challenges of reaching the right audience, the industry-specific requirements that you need to follow, and the strategies and solutions that are proven to work. While other agencies are guessing what to try next, our senior legal marketing consultants are drawing from a history of success gleaned over an average of 10 years of experience.

Making Your PPC Campaign Personal

Another way NextLevel gives you better results for your PPC strategy is through customizing your campaign. We've worked in the business long enough to know that law firms aren't one-size-fits-all. You have unique strengths and ambitions - and your paid digital ad campaigns should reflect everything that sets your law firm apart.

Instead of trying to force your law firm's campaign into our pre-determined formula, we'll create a custom strategy that fits you perfectly. That means the targeting the keywords that matter most to you, so you don't have to pay for the ones you don't want. It means managing every aspect of your campaign, so prospective clients won't slip through the cracks due to poor targeting or follow-through.

Google Ads for Lawyers FAQs

Is PPC My Only Option for Getting More Clients Through Internet Search?

Print advertising, television commercials, and many other forms of advertising may reach plenty of people, but how many of them are actively looking for a lawyer? The benefit of tapping into the plentiful search engine traffic for legal information is that you know searchers intend to hire an attorney, or at least to learn more about when and how to hire a lawyer.

There are two primary ways law firms can capture traffic from Google searches. PPC campaigns like Google Ads allow you to quickly land a top spot on search results pages. You can also put your efforts into ranking high organically, or in the non-paid search results Google presents.

What's the difference? Paid ads get your website in front of searchers quickly, but they only run for as long as you have an active AdWords campaign. They are marked as advertisements, although searchers might not notice if they are not paying attention. Ranking well organically takes a great deal of time and work, but you aren't paying directly for traffic to your website, and its benefits are more long-term. Search engine optimization, or SEO, doesn't have an endpoint the way an AdWords campaign does, but maintaining that optimized online presence should be an ongoing priority.

Some attorneys choose to focus on PPC, others on SEO, and many employ both strategies. Talking to a NextLevel marketing expert can help you determine what options make the most sense for your law firm.

Do You Do More Than Just PPC Management?

While you don't have to embrace all aspects of digital marketing just to run an AdWords campaign, attorneys almost always see the best results when they have a comprehensive marketing strategy. NextLevel has the expertise to handle all of your legal marketing needs, offering services such as:

  • On-site and off-site SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Website design
  • Social media management
  • Content creation
  • Video marketing
  • Branding services

To get the most out of your marketing investment, you want a full-service agency that focuses exclusively on attorney marketing.

This way, you'll never have to waste time coordinating the efforts of disparate teams whose work will inevitably affect one another. You'll never have to wonder if a generalist marketing agency knows anything about the legal industry and how to market for it.

And you will know that all of your marketing efforts are aligned and working together to help you achieve your goals faster.

How Will I Know If My Google Ads Campaign Is Successful?

Suppose you find an agency to handle your PPC campaign, and you hand over the money. Now what?

A reliable legal marketing agency won't keep you in the dark. When the people managing your Google Ads campaign are doing their jobs well, they will want to show you how effective the campaign is. You should be able to trace phone calls and website visits directly to your AdWords advertising.

If not, it's time to find a new company that specializes in PPC management for law firms - one with impeccable references and a proven history of success.

Do I Have to Keep Running PPC Campaigns Forever?

One fear that often stops intrigued attorneys from moving forward with a Google Ads campaign is the concern that, once they begin PPC spending, they will never be able to stop.

Some attorneys choose to run PPC campaigns only temporarily - during seasonal lulls in attracting leads through other methods, while waiting for an organic SEO campaign to begin producing results, or even to target specific types of cases. Others make Google Ads a permanent part of their digital marketing strategy.

Because Google Ads immediately places ads on the first pages of search results, you don't have to work your way up with a PPC campaign. That means you don't have to worry about losing hard-won progress by ending a campaign.

If you think long-term PPC advertising will be too expensive, our legal marketing consultants can help you explore other options for continuing to grow your leads.

How Much Will Google Ads Cost Me?

When it comes to any kind of paid digital advertising, you generally have two types of costs to consider:

  • The cost of the digital ad "space" itself
  • The cost of having your campaign professionally managed

The cost of the ad itself depends on the keywords, or search terms, you want to target. These terms vary based on how competitive they are. For a term that many attorneys want to rank organically for or are willing to pay for ads for, the cost per click can climb very high.

You can reduce the cost by choosing less competitive keywords. Sometimes this strategy can be helpful, limiting search terms by geographic region or area or practice so that the clicks you receive are more relevant - but the tradeoff is that fewer searchers will see your ad.

Then there's the other cost - the fee for managing your ad campaign. NextLevel offers custom price quotes based on what your firm is looking for in a PPC campaign. Instead of limiting you to a formula, we take the time to understand your goals and your law firm and then develop a quote specific to your needs.

One point we can share with you, even without first getting to know your law firm, is that many of our clients come to us after having spent years working with larger agencies. They switched because they wanted better results - but they were surprised to find that NextLevel's costs beat out the larger marketing companies' fees.

Is Google Ads for Law Firms Right for My Firm?

Honestly, whether or not you should integrate a Google Ads campaign into your marketing efforts depends on a lot of factors:

  • Your budget
  • How quickly you need to see results
  • How you already fare in organic search results

Google Ads campaigns allow law firms to immediately get their sites on the first page of search results with no additional work required, but paying for every click can add up to a big investment. You could see more long-term gains by putting that money toward improvements in organic search result rankings instead of paid ads - but it could take months to see results using this strategy.

Ultimately, you always want your digital marketing company to base its strategies and recommendations on your law firm, not just on a law firm formula or template the company has developed to make its job easier. At NextLevel, you can talk to an experienced legal marketing specialist for free about what services might be right for you. You may want to dive right into the world of PPC advertising, but you may also prefer to incorporate some targeted Google Ads campaigns into a more robust, well-rounded digital marketing strategy. We'll go over your options and our recommendations based on years of experience as a full-service marketing agency for attorneys.

Don't trust your Google Ads campaign to anyone else. NextLevel has earned its reputation for success over years of consistently getting our clients unparalleled results. Contact NextLevel to start your conversation today.