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NextLevel Studios

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NextLevel Studios was created to re-imagine the future of legal marketing and, more broadly, how lawyers and the legal profession communicate the value of their work.

Calling it "studios" was no mistake. We have spent a lot of our lives in creative studios, such as design, music, and video production. We understand that time spent in a studio is part sanctuary, and part creative fuel.

What we will endeavor to achieve through Next Level Studios is to imagine the future of the legal profession, how lawyers talk to a much broader audience about the value they bring, and to refine the ongoing value that we at Next Level bring to lawyers and law firms.

So think of Next Level Studios as an idea incubator that will include an extended group of our friends and clients in these conversations and on our future work.

We are looking forward to sharing more with you as our idea and program evolves.


Aron Solomon is Senior Advisor to Next Level Studios. Aron was the founder of LegalX at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, one of the world's first legal technology accelerators.

Elected to Fastcase 50 in 2015, which recognizes the world's leading legal innovators, Aron regularly consults for large global corporations, law, and accounting firms.

Aron has traveled over three million miles of business travel and has been to China close to 60 times, Aron is now based in Canada.

We are looking forward to sharing more with you as our idea and program evolves. Check out the Studio Blogs: